18 Sep 2012

Writers and their Libraries Conference

An interesting looking history of the book and history of reading focused conference is coming up in March of 2013 through the Institute of English studies in collaboration with the University of the Andes, Colombia and the University of Lisbon. The IES at University of London is hosting the 'Writers and their Libraries' event at Senate House, focusing on the personal libraries of not just literary figures but of scientists, artists and philosophers, including figures such as: Friedrich Nietzsche, John Donne and  G.F. Watts.

The conference will explore issues of reclamation, representation and interpretation in regards to writers' reading habits, note-taking and other ways of recording and interrogating the experience of reading. Keynotes include: Keynotes include: Professor H.J. Jackson (University of Toronto) and Professor Dirk Van Hulle (University of Antwerp). [Professor Van Hulle is also the director with Mark Nixon (of the University of Reading) of the brilliant Samuel Beckett Manuscript project, which Carrie and I were lucky enough to see in action at the recent British Library Manuscripts Still Matter conference.]

For further details see the conference blog: http://writersandtheirlibraries.wordpress.com/ and the GLAM website: http://glam-archives.org.uk/