25 Aug 2010

Request for short written pieces on archival practice

In the coming weeks, Carrie and I will be adding short snippets of writing to the Reclamation blog as brief examples of archival practice and experiences. We intend these posts to be very informal exercises, with the hope of prompting discussion and debate ahead of the conference, and continuing afterwards.

We would welcome contributions from delegates--these can be very short, perhaps posing a series of reflective questions about archival work and research, or writing about archival experiences and encounters.

We intend this to be as informal as possible--any amusing archival experiences would be very much welcomed! The intention is to generate a community around the conference, creating dialogues about the appeal and challenges of archival research, from a range perspectives.

Please email the organisers Lisa and Carrie(lrs204@ex.ac.uk and crs202@ex.ac.uk) with text and any images you would like included, and we will post them to the blog asap.

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