20 Oct 2011

Archiving a 100 year history of fan magazines

This October is the 100th anniversary of the film fan magazine!

The publication of the very first issue of ‘The Pictures’ marked the birth of a rich 100 year history of film magazines, and Exeter's Bill Douglas Centre archive holds a copy of this first edition, amidst a wealth of other fan papers spanning the history of cinema.

To commemorate, a short piece offering a brief history of the British fan magazine and my research with these objects in the archive is now up on the University of Exeter homepage news and events section, and also in the Western Morning News.

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  1. hello from across the pond...

    just discovered your blog via random twitter recommendation that popped up... good stuff, i like your interests.

    will be checking out other stuff here- looks very good, i like your attention to detail. cheers!

    vincent, in buffalo